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Discussion in 'Helium' started by MartinaMartina, Apr 15, 2017.

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    Hi! I am building my portfolio pages to have the images on the left, content on the right, like this:

    However, I see that the theme is designed to be responsive so that the content stacks itself automatically at about 1300px screen size breakpoint, like this:

    While I do appreciate the responsiveness of the theme, I was hoping to make an adjustment so that the page content didn't stack until it gets to a small tablet/mobile size. I'd really like my pages to retain the right/left layout as much as possible, mostly because it's confusing to load a page with a giant image and no context attached to it.

    Is there a preference in the theme that allows me to do this? Or, is there a simple line of CSS I can add? (related: My style.css file in the Helium parent theme seems to be empty so I can't hunt down the CSS that's affecting the pages)

    Thanks so much!

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